26 juni 2017

Traning weekend in Oslo

 Jocke, Jeppa and I went on a training weekend with the Norwegians. A weekend best summarized in the picture below. Jeppa doing something, a Norwegian watching in disgust. Jocke laughing manically and Me documenting the event for the future.

I felt the need to test my Vayl2 against good cryx players so that is the practice I really wanted. I got thrown down against Sverre our beautiful host for the weekend. He brought a Coven and Goreshade2 pair. Both in the new bane theme.

I can't drop Abby2 into that. So yeah. Dropping Vayl2 and going for the throat.

I'm scared of Coven's ability to chanel spells so turn 1 I pop out a harrier, it runs into position and I throw a deadly storm at it. Doing moderate damage and killing one bane as well.

In his turn he runs up and feat. Bad times ahead. I have made a mistake as well. I ran up Bayal front and centre letting him kill that one without any trouble.

Vengeance on bane cav is disgusting during Covens feat turn. So I do nothing. Just pull back with everything.

In hus turn he scores 4 points and it's time for desperation assassination run. If I don't fuck it up I would get him. Standing in the kill box against Vayl2 is a dumb idea. But I don't declare my free snipe so my first shot miss and then I miss two more shots and the assassination run does not happen.

In his turn he runs me over for a 6-0 scenario win.

So if I'm up against a cryx player that knows what I'm doing and kill boxes himself, then Vayl2 is not very strong into bane theme.

Next game. I'm up against Legion.

I think legion right now have triangle of power casters. Lylyth3 is good against Abby2, while bad against Fyanna2. So you get some "fun" list decisions.

I don't bring Lylyth3 though since I'm more comfortable with Vayl2. Meaning I have a bad time in the mirror.

It's one of the matchups I have wanted to test for a while. Abby2 vs Lylyth3. 

Who goes first is really important in this matchup. I win the roll and goes second.

He runs up outside of my walk and shoot threat.

I go hard right. Keeping outside of 13" from his carnivean and 16" away from the furthest Angel. I set up the Naga to contest his zone next turn.

He goes for the Naga. Lylyth3 and two angels hand cannons should kill it but he fudges up the activation order and one of the angels can not boost. Meaning it misses and the naga lives on a couple of boxes.

There are two important things now. I need to kill the Sorceress and Helion (hiding behind the rock on the right hand side in my circle) and the carnivean standing in the zone. Both are really dicey plays. If one works thats good if both works I'm on my way to winning this game.

Seraph goes up rolls one shot and does a bit of damage to the carnivean. Then three ravagores walk up and roll terribly on damage. Leaving him on about 10 boxes. Meaning carnivean has to roll crazy damage to finish him. So he goes for the Sorceress on Hellion instead. Rolling terribly there as well so I fail on both my goals for the turn.

In his turn he pulls back. Kills the naga and starts turteling  in his zone.

I scather some scathers around and contest his zone. The sorc eats the dust and we go to 2-1.

Now he's got the gun advantage so he starts using it and I pull back. Letting my carnivean with spiny and Bracer eat the shots.

He alphas me hard. Killing one ravagore and carnivean.

I answer killing everything around me but I leave Abby2 on only two transfers and then it's go time.

 Then it's time for the CoC. My opponent had Iron Mother and Lucant. I'm dropping Abby2 in both of them.

Once again a matchup where going first is important. So I go second to really feel the pain.

He runs up and I shoot a bit on some dudes. Abby2 walks 7 then repositions another 5 straight up. She's the threat that has to be projected in this matchup.

My opponent has two choices here now. Either he backs of or he feats and runs in. He picks the latter and I back off. Using one forsaken to contest both zones on the left and a shepherd to contest the left.

My opponent pulls back and kills the things in the zone. Going to 3-0

I push forward and contest with a ravagore in the right zone while a shredder holds out left and centre.

My opponent goes for a play here. Lucant has a bolt. I had not thought about that amount of damage. So the ravagore on the right could have died. I really should have put both my ravagores in the zone. That was just sloppy of me. He fails though and here we go.

I feat kill tep and one jack. pushing back into the zones scoring 5-2

My opponent goes in but well Abby2 can do work and stay safe. Lucant can't. 

With that I had gotten a game against everything I wanted to play against. So I pulled up and chair and watcher the most beautiful man in warmachine do his thing.

Look at that face. Come on look at it. That's how happy you are when your opponent puts up the seraph in front of all the gun bunnies.

The game ends with Abby2 bolting Ossrum to death. Since Legion OP and Jocke throws an unlosable game.

The next day I get another game against Sverre. He drops Goreshade2 this time.

Turn 2 I have a 50/50 assassination run. Goreshade2 is on 3 camp and I can get Vayl2 and the Seraphs shooting into him. I really should have gone for it. I didn't since I thought I somehow could grind it out but no I can't. I should just stop trying and kill people when they give me 50/50:s. Cause my dice OP :D

After that game we go home. It's a long drive to Oslo for only 4 games but that's the way it is. I was a bit burnt out after the torture of bad music in the car.

It's funny how fast I can go from feeling confident to totally crushed. The new Cryx toys are really strong and you should all be prepared for the rise of Mk2 Cryx again. Ghost fleet is strong don't get me wrong but they lacked a good theme to work with it. Coven in bane theme is just that, a good partner.

17 maj 2017

DMF Third of May 2017

Game 1 vs Protectorate

So game one I'm paired up against a newer player with menoth. He had Malekus and Severius2. I'm pretty sure he will drop Sev2. So I drop Abby2. She got enough juice to hit through menoth dudes even without the charge.

So I go second. He runs up and mini feats with his Idrians, also giving them Arcane Ward. Def 19 makes them kinda immune to ravagore shots.

Carnivean doesn't care though.. Naga give him wraithbane and Carinvean assaults. He needs nines to hit, miss one boosted but hit one of the hard ones and he kills 4. Finally a ravagore walk up and hit the random 14. Killing 5 Idrians really puts him behind.

In his turn he shoots a bit at me. Trying to kill the Carnivean but falls short. Then he walks Sevvy2 into the zone to force me to contest it. That leaves Sevvy2 inside of 14" from Carnivean. So I just kill everything in the way and he dies from Carnivean to face.

Game 2

So if you have read my ideas you know I think trolls are kinda weak right now. So I felt rather comfortable with playing Abby2 into trolls. Doomy1 has gotten a lot weaker then in the old days but Abby2 has gotten stronger.

I get to start and that is always a good thing against trolls. They don't get that free turn to fill up the stone and run up into the zone. It means that he gets a nice forest to hide behind though and a nice place for his Earthborne to stand. Inside of 2" from a house and a piece of rough terrain.

So I run up and he runs up. Following the old and tested rule of Doomy1. Feat the turn after you want to feat.

So he set up Mulg and the Earthborne as my targets. It should be an easy turn. Flare them both and then send everything in. Abby2 with two charge attacks, 2 ravagore shots. Naga shot for a crit shadowbind chance. Then Carni into Earthborne and Ravagore into Mulg I fudge up though.

I play way to passive with Abby2. She slipstreams walks back out of Mulgs animus range to spiny and then repositions forward again. Then the Seraph rolls one shot and I flare Mulg instead of the Earthborne. Making that def 10 into 8 is totally super important instead of lowering the def of the Eartheborne. I also fail to do the Naga and try to get a crit shadow bind. Both ravagores should also go first and put one shot into each to stop him from whelping me for -1 mat. So carnivean goes in. Missed 4 6+ in a row and all of a sudden I know I will fall short. So shift focus into Mulg and he goes down but my plan failed. The Earthborne lives on about 15 boxes.

So since I fail to kill both I have waisted my feat and he can heal the Earthborne, rage it and it kills both Carnivean and Ravagore. I'm kinda sad at this point but I soldier on. His feat means I can't do anything so all of my stuff backs away. I try to shoot out the Mauler that had ran out of stone. I fall short a couple of boxes though since Absylonia2 misses a hex bolt. Fury 6 vs def 10 was harder than it should be.

 So once again a beast was left on a couple of boxes. It kills the objective and a ravagore.

 In some kind of desperation play I go for his caster. Abby2 kills the mauler. If he wants to reeve the fury he will frenzy with everything on the board. He does not want to do that though so I go for his caster. Seraph and ravagore can get to him. He has taken a couple of boxes from walking into scathers and stuff but it's not even close to enough. He transfers the one big hit and the rest does not do enough.

In his turn he goes for Abby2. It fails but one huge swing forces me to transfer to my last ravagore and it gets eaten by the earthborne.

With a minute left I go for Doomy. taking a couple of freestrikes on the seraph. Which leaves it on one box. Stone dudes hit hard. Not that I had a good shot at killing him anyhow.

I fucked this game up so hard. When he gives me two beasts it should just be game over. I could send in Abby2 as well. Giving me a couple of extra attacks. There is no way he kills me camping 2.

This is probably the archetype of a game to why some people don't like to play Abby2. I failed on the alpha turn and then the dice did not help. All of a sudden she is behind huge. The army is really a glass cannon but if I had stayed in there and not spent as much time as I did trying to fix my plans that kept failing I would have been in a good spot here at the end. The two forsakens do huge amount of damage into troll heavies. While Abby2 finishes of one steals it fury and walks away each turn.

I really need to start training with hardcore timing again. This is kinda ridiculous how much time I spent planning and planning again since my plan failed.

Game 3

It takes a special kind of self punishment to play against Nemo3. I don't fucking know what to do. Vayl2:s 15% is the best game plan I have found so far. I wanted to test Lylyth2 into it. I can shoot first and hopefully cripple his army.

So he goes first. Runs up outside of 23". Giving me those sweet 3" to run up the board. 

 So he runs up to where he threatens everything but is just outside of my aiming range.

So it's my feat turn and I kill 30 points of horses and in retaliation he kills 75 points of legion heavies. 

I try for an last ditch assassination it fails and he trivially gets 5-0 on scenario.

That did not work. Not at all.

Game 3

I'm down in the 1-2 bracket so I get a fresh face. Playing Cryx with Agathia. Well yeah. Stealth feat against legion that does not really work

Turn 1 he runs up I quickly kill 6 blackbanes with Lylyth, a ravagore and NBT.

So he runs around a bit more and I finish the game with putting my full feat into Agathia. She dies on the second ravagore. Camping everything is not as powerful as it was before.

When you only have 2 large bases to hide your caster with a Bolt thrower can totally wreck your day. Pew Pew.

2-2 is not the tournament result I wanted. I'm kind out of ideas for how to deal with Nemo3. I have tried Lylyth1-3 Abby2. Thags1, Vayl2 and I feel like there is nothing I can do.