27 juli 2016


Welcome To the JANK TANK

So this will be something kinda funny. Not a great tactic but not all lists have to be super competitive. This one is decent and will play for a strong, I mean really strong, gotcha!

So for this trick you work you need:
1 jack with speed atleast speed 4 and an open fist.
2 jacks with speed 5 and an open fist.
Tristan and 2 Vassals of menoth to give them focus
Rorsh and Brine with a battle boar. 

Then since Harby does not want to take Damage on her way in I think you want:
1 Devout Hirophant and Rhoven might be good.

So turn 1 you run Harby about 11,9" forward. So the back of her base is exactly 10" in front of the Devout. Then you run up Rhovens body guards to shield Guard Brine and Harby. Then people should not be able to damage any of them. The jacks run 10" up.

Then your opponent run around a bit.

In your next turn its go time.

The devout runs away and then jack furthest from Harby walk up and throw her. Needing a boosted 8 to throw her 5,5". Since you can pick direction where ever you want it is kinda easy to throw here so both the other jacks can walk up and throw her again.

Then the second other jacks walk up and throw her from that position. Then Rorsh walk up and diversionary tactics. Letting Brine walk 5" and then Brine walk 5" more and throws her 6,5", primal is +2 str. Then Harby activates. Since she has been thrown when she is immune to kd she either have to forsake movement or combat action. So if she has the opponents caster within 1" she swings. 11 times or 5 with boosted damage. If that is not within 1" you can walk another 6" and cataclysm. Two boosted pow 20:s is kinda good at killing casters. So you need to hit 2 out of 3 boosted 8:s then you need to hit a boosted Six. Then deliver the damage rolls.

There are two other options. First is Kreoss3 with Gravius. He can feat and get Death Sentence opponent caster and ignite himself so mat 8 S&P and Reroll if he misses, then hits with pow 16 S&P. The other option is Amon. Then you probably need to wait until turn 3. Since your opponent will not let you trigger synergy turn 2. But he can walk 6" after the throws and then flashing blade with mat 10 pow 17 turn 3. 

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