22 juli 2016

Vayl2 my way or the high way

Vayl2 the broken power house


If you read my first mk3 article I was not at all happy with what they did to Vayl2. Removing her hit and run play style for a better assassination run. It was not until later I realized how bonkers good a hell mouth was together with her. It can stand in your normal deploy and still let you reach out and touch almost the whole board. Place a tentacle within 8", run 10" and then deadly storm 10". For a total of 29,6". So if you deploy it half way to your ad line it can reach them. A free model to arc through exactly where you want it turns Vayl2 into a better worker then new Lylyth3.

If you read the Lylyth1 article you notice that it did really well against most lists. Was even against Issy and Caine2/Sloan. Wurmwood was a problem though. That Lylyth1 list was so good into general things that it became a hard part to build a second list for it. All the decent matchups it has someone else got a better crack at. So I started to look for a main list that I could build a better partner for. Then I played a couple of games against Wurmwood and gosh that dude is a huge tool...box ;)

So in my search for a counter I threw around a lot of stupid ideas. Starting with twins ending with Thags1. Both can work but they suffer a lot if circle player drops their second caster. So I looked back to Vayl2. She could bolt stones and Cassius to death. Top of one if my opponent was stupid. Making it a lot harder for Wurmwood to get up the field. She also has the power needed to go through the heavier circle lists that backup WW.

The one List to rule them all

Vayl2 -28
Arch Angel 37
Ravagore 19
Seraph 14
Bolt Thrower 11
Naga 8
Hell Mouth 6
Deathstalker 4
Deathstalker 4

We have the auto include package of NBT, Seraph, Hell Mouth. That allows us to leverage our feat from top of 1. Putting the fear of Vayl2 into them early will force our opponent to camp through the whole game. Without any focus or caster buffs most armies suck.

Some of Wurmwoods most annoying tricks does not work on huge bases. So I wanted one. The problem is that Strangle Hold on Colossals is a cost effective way to shut them down. The good thing with AA is that it can still shoot and then reposition out. Vayl2 uses threat to solve this though. Somewhat. She just kills everything that can arc and then threats the kill if he gets the tree into the game.

The archangel can be rather safe when you walk up shoot and walk back. Very few things threat 13" when you are scared to spend focus and/or your support has been removed by Vayl2. It is mostly there as a huge paper weight. People will have to spend focus to kill it and then the real workers in the list can get the caster kill.

Then you have the benefit that you see an colossal through forests. So Vayl2 can bolt from the archangel when Wurmwood feats on you. This lets her push back the important models. Softening up the alpha that will happen the turn after. 

The naga lets us deal with Arcane shielded Stormwalls without spending fury on removing it. With the added bonus of dealing with spells like Windrush and Deflection. The free animus on the feat turn is pretty tasty. My first idea was that Wraith Bane would help me on the first chasten bolt but it is specified that it only works on weapons. I'm toying with the idea of changing the Naga for Annyssa. She would be another threat vector for casters. Right now I'm enjoying the naga though. The gun:s crit effect is another hit buff in a long list of hit buffs.

The deathstalkers are auto include in all lists always. You should have a really good reason to not take them. They just help so much in so many matchups. An important thing here is that they can shoot 2" into opponents AD if you slipstream. Giving you a good target for slipstream if you feat turn one to kill your opponents ad. 

Then we have the ravagore. The part of the list I am the most unsure about. I think you can bring almost anything here and be okay with it. I have been toying with the idea of a carnivean for some more heavy hitting. Right now I am okay with the ravagore though. It scares the living crap out of Caine2. Letting it just stand exactly 19,1" away from Caine2 all game makes him nervous to go in and do work. Don't know though. Scythean and a Shepherd could also do good work. I tested Snapjaw the first game and he was so slow. The rest of the list just sprinted away from him and he never got to do anything. If you remove the naga I could see a case for Rorsh and Brine with a Battle Boar. They are so cheap and can kd casters or models blocking Line of Sight from stupid distances away.

Go out and experiment with the list. Find the version that works for you.

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