31 maj 2016

The Totally Legit Power Ranking

So. Cards came out. As of right now I don't know if this is final cards or rather I hope this is a play testing version. Might just be some dude with an over active Photoshop finger. Fingers crossed this is not want pp wants to do to legion but this is how I feel about it. I have discussed this some opinionated people.

My totally non biased opinion. Without any saltiness. No jumping the gun at all here. I have not at all come straight off a losing streak. This is the new power ranking according to me, myself and I. I also write down my first idea for the three top casters in each faction. It will be fun to see how wrong I am in 2 months. .

Tier 1


Kaelyssa(Kae): I don't know how I feel about a rof3 stationary gun. If you combine that with disruption/energy leak. Invalidating 3 jacks each turn, every turn, might just be the worst play experience in the game. If it was not for Kara Sloan. Not to mention that Phantom Hunter is no longer an upkeep and ignores stealth.  
Ossyan(Bossyan): Deadeye was just what his kit needed.
Issyria(Issy): Blinding light no longer have that pesky word Warrior. So she can shut down jacks. Ravagores no longer throwing fire around is just a nice bi effect.


Sorcha1(pSork): Freezing grip now cost three. That is a huge thing. She can now boost it and wind rush away.
Butcher3(Butcher and the gang): The new Silence of Death is really good. The new version of Vengance might be a bigger buff to his game.
Zerkova1(Zerk): Her feat is now what it should have been. In a shooting meta stopping your opponent from shooting for a turn will be good. Add to that the eEiryss nerf makes her gatornode/15" hex blast the only reliable upkeep removal.

Tier 2


Caine2(no nickname needed): He gained the ability to blow away all the infantry in the world and Fire for effect
Kara Sloan(eLylythv2): Better, stronger and more accurate then the old epic Lylyth. With an 50/50 assassination top of 1 against most casters. She is the biggest reason I hope this is play testing cards we have gotten. No one would let this through play testing.
An Haley: Take your pick any one of them works. Sure all three of them got kicked. Just not kicked hard enough. All three of them are sadly still a good option for competitive play. I think I'll go with Haley3 for my pick as most played.


Denegrah1(pDenny): She lost some of her game but compared to the other top casters she lost almost nothing.
Asphyxious3(Gaspy3): His feat got a lot better in the new rules. Mortality vs scything touch is a slight nerf but still good enough I think.
Gorshade3(Gor3): He lost ghostly on his horse. Otherwise he is the same. He was a top caster before so when the playing field is brought down a bit he is still a top caster I think. Might be that the necro surgeon nerf is too much for him though. 


Kreoss1: The only person I REALLY hoped would lose purification but no. Not only did he not lose purification. The redeemer got 3 free shots and its free focus. Just what the game needed. Better pop and drop.
Severius1: Vision is buffed. Eye of menoth is an ability. Lets also add to this that he makes a warlock -2 fury. During his turn. So either you plan for him to feat and you are forced to cut for 2 each turn. If you don't you have to frenzy check. Coupled with all fury management getting tuned down.
Severius2: Suspect number 3 why I'm not sure this is real cards. Awareness is the same. One of the things where there were extremely little counter play. Then he also got a free spell each turn. Then all jacks got vision for a focus each? This dude is bonkers. At least his feat got nerfed right? Sure it did, some. His new feat is d3+2 auto hitting pow 12:s that leaves scathers*. Scathers are really bad right?
*Terms and conditions may apply.

Tier 3


Wormwood(Cassius): His feat now works against legion. Suck it legion! He also picked up the aoe4 forest. That legion can no longer see through. Suck it legion*2!
Kaya2: She did not really change, the new dog animus makes her assassination a bit more legit. Not good enough for it to be her main battle plan. Luckily she still has shadow pack and the ability to see stealth have been turned down a bit. She is also one of the casters least hit by the stone nerf.
Krueger2: That his feat no longer stop charges is a big hit. So he got rebuke. What the mother fucking fuck?!


Durgen: He is more or less the same. Still a really good caster. Reinholdts new occupation of removing stealth is a bit sad for him but at the same time it solves some problems like pDenny and such things.
Ossrum: His feat now works on jacks. Enough said. Slow jacks with a +3 spd feat is no longer slow.
Gorten: No more arm locks means no more hand holding for jacks. Should mean his feat becomes a lot better at developing a huge attrition swing.


Madrak2: Suspect number two that makes me think this is not real cards. Somewhere along the line they would have realized that this dude is unkillable and his ability to surf to your caster was just too strong.
Doomshaper1: I like my upkeeps. I don't like taking d3 damage on my caster. Enough said.
Someone else: Don't really care enough. It's trolls. Their casters are meh. The army is good non the less. 

Tier 4


Lylyth3: Her new 28" assassination is legit. She is only a worse pop and drop though.
Abby2: Reposition 5" instead of teleport is a lateral move. She was good so when everything else is nerfed she becomes the best.
Lylyth1: She is a lot safer then she used to be. Snipe keeps her further from the action and prowl+gobbos keeps her safer from shooting.


Dr Arkadius: His feat went from good but hard to use to just point and click. Reposition 3" also helps him stay a bit safer.
Calaban: Parasite is a really good spell. Cycling parasite is a really good feat. The new heavy "arknode" does a lot for his game I think.
Rask: Fury+Rage=Love. Veil and Swamp Gobbos can make something cute happen once in a while..

Tier 5


Aurora: She still has her sweet assassination?! Who am i kidding CoC got nerfed through the floor i have no idea.
Lucant: He only lost purification and +2 arm from shooting. Nothing much really. Just that small spell purification. You know he got a spell that gives dispel to jacks weapons. Totally the same thing right... Right?
Iron Mother: Domination and Backlash will be a bigger thing with more jacks on the table?

Tier: Over 9000

Ok I have no idea what the Skorne test players did for this to seem like a reasonable power level for Skorne. Like damn. Some kind of tactical genius play tested this faction.

Hexy2: All his beasts are channelers now. That is kinda sweet. The fury from his feat also works out better with the nerfed ashes to ashes. Not a buff but you take the silver lining at this point.
Rasheth: Castigate no longer hitting arknodes hurts. His feat working on everything is nice though. The magical damage on dark rituals stops some of the bullshit he did though.
Makeda2: She can now camp all her fury and "martydoom" for it. Super great! Woho op caster coming for you now!

It's good to know that this is a skill game. Anything can happen if you are good enough. It just takes a little more skill to play a lower tier faction.

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