1 aug. 2016

Flying Harby battle report.

So since this never ever can happen. Hey this is me with a battle report :D I do sadly not own the models in this list. So Vassal it is :D

My list:
Hierophant 4
*Castigator 12
*Castigator 12
*Devout 9

Tristan 4
*Castigator 12
Vassal of Menoth 3
Vassal of Menoth 3
Kell Bailoch 5
1 Wrack 1

Min Choir 4
Rhoven and the 2 faceguards 9
Rorsh and Brine 15
Battle Boar 7

So this list is 1 point over. I am a cheating cheater. At a quick read through I thought Harby was a +25. Anyway. Change Kell Bailoch to random 4 points solo or one Castigator to a Crusader.  Either works I do not really care. This is just proof of concept since people doubt me on the PoM forum.

I play against some Khador dude. Playing Strakhov.With random Khador shit.

So my turn 1. I run up Harby run up everything else. Notice I have deployed the wrack a bit to much to the side so I will not get it. Think in my head that conquest walk 4 and shoot 15 with the gun so it will not be in range. Then in Khadors turn Strakhov stand still superiority the conquest. The big gun thankfully miss. A crit would force me to throw some support into some other support and that would suck Note to self check opponents caster before you run up.

Then the rest of his shooting take out mind on Brine but leaves the hole.

 I proxy base out each throw. Where I need to go and how. So first throw cant go to far so I run up my devout to be hit in the back by the throw to stop Harby from going to far.

Then second throw is directly away. Third throw the same. Then harby stands up walk 3" in the forest and hit his caster with 2 cataclysm. Without boost to hit since his covering fire was enough damage to force it. Then I threw my self to far/set up the wrack wrong so I did not get it in range.

I hit both 5:s and then boosted 2 damage rolls and I did like 20 damage in and he died.

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