7 aug. 2016

Kaya2 Jank2

So lets talk about the second version of jank tank. This time we go to the evil Circle. I just fall lower and lower in the jank tank.

So today's jank is eKaya and her long range assassination run.

Kaya2 -24
Pureblood 17
Pureblood 17
Pureblood 17
Pureblood 17
Pureblood 17
Argus 7
Shifting stones 3
Lanyssa 3
Gobber Chef 1
In the first version I had a Gorax Gager instead of Lanyssa, Gobbo Chef and Shifting Stones but I could not afford my fury management on the running up the board turns. Leaving me with stuff not in range for the turn 2 jank.

The prep turn. Kaya2 Casts Shadow pack and forced Evolution on Laris then charge forward. Then your army runs forward. Stones place so they can remove some fury.

Then Your opponent runs around a bit and it's go time. 

First the Argus runs into position. Then Laris runs 14". Next step is for Kaya2 to walk up and use Laris animus to place inside of 2" of Laris. Then Kaya2 spends another two on a Doppler Bark, dropping the defense of opponents caster to 5. This leaves her on 2. She now has some choices. Either you hit a couple of times or you Dog Pile. Depending on how far they have moved their caster up the board. Then you assult their caster with 5 Purebloods. Boosting to hit and damage. Easy peasy :D
So lets talk about the threat ranges of this. 18" from Laris and 21"(23" if inside 16" of Lanyssa) from Purebloods. Not as impressive as our Harby jank but better killing power and more survivability on the way there against armies that do not ignore stealth. Sadly stealth ignore seems to be everything people play now a days. 

If your opponent does not give you his caster you alpha strike and use Kaya2:s feat to hit and run. This should let you thin out the forces and get to him next turn. Happy Hunting :D

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