12 mars 2017

Lets talk theme lists

Children of the Dragon

So the Legion themes are out. My first impression was I can work with the Nephilim theme. Right now it's extremely important to go first so a +1 to start is an attractive bonus. The problem with the list is that you max out at pow 15. So you need a caster that has a bond with a heavy. For some hard hitting.
My first idea was Thagrosh1.Typhon brings some serious hitting power and he gives extra armor which lets you get to ridiculous levels. Arm 22 Bloodseers that cost 8 points sounds decent. Sadly they can't use Excessive Healing as I thought in my head when I first built the list. So they are not resilient enough on the way in. In my test game the list just got shoot to pieces and did not hit hard enough on the rebound to be worth it.

The only Nephilim I really like is the Bolt Thrower. So I fiddled with a list that spams bolt throwers but no Naga or Deathstalkers shuts down the options fast. The rewarded for spamming Lights is just not enough. I built a Kryssa list for Tom Guan that looks all right? I don't really know. Would have to test it out and that is more work then I want to put into Kryssa :D

Oracles of Annihilation

In the initial stages I have found about 3 different ways to play Oracles. 4 Heavies/2AA. With some support beast. NBT, Protector, Naga+shredder depending on caster. Add a Seraph and you are up to 100 points of beasts. This will give you some points of freedom with most casters to buy a couple of shepherds. Something you will need with a heavy battle group. Then you get 2 forsaken and 2 Sorceress on Helions for free. Clocking us in at 20 free points.

The other list is building the ravens of war theme but with 20 free points instead of denying your opponents AD. I think that is always worth it. The deathstalkers are missed though.

Then lastly we have the I want an infantry unit option. I only really think this version is worth it with Vayl2. All others just want as many beasts as possible. The spawning vessel is just such a critical part of Vayl2:s game plan of "you better not use your caster or you are going to die". The Hex Hunters are also a kind of hit buff for the whole army. charge in shadow bind something then a carnivean becomes mat 9 all of a sudden. Really helping us deal with only having mat 6 beasts.

There are some other casters where you want to play the Black Frost Shard instead of the spawning vessel. That is probably more worth it with for example Lylyth1 which is something I really want to test again. She was my lady in the start of Mk3. The Meta is just so unfriendly to her. 

So far I have mostly played against Grymkin and boy does Vayl2 not have a good matchup into that. Arcane vortex on the cage rager. Their staple heavy is really shuts her down HARD. So have tested some Abby2. It has worked really well so far. The Sorceress and Hellions are a nice addition to her list. They walk up sprey a model and then lure the opponents to kill them. Adding some "chaff" into my well oiled machine. Some of you might be surprised that I have stopped running 4 Carniveans. Instead taking 3 ravagores. That's since Mad Dogs are gone and I don't need that extreme version of arm cracking. The protector instead of a Naga has felt all right so far. I know that will change if I'm going to a tournament where I expect Bart or Issyria.

With these Theme Lists I feel like Legion is in a strong position in the meta. Cygnar are still a big problem for us. We did not get something that helped us against gun lines. No matter how much I look forward to running Sorcs with no shooting aura into my opponents army, The "Dodge Cygnar 2017" is still in effect. 

Abby2 and Vayl2 are still my favorite pair. I think the theme lists opened up for other casters to take the top though. I look forward to testing these lists with some other casters. Lylyth3 double colossal looks like a strong list. I don't know if that is good enough against Cygnar gun lines though. Time will tell. For the next time :D

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  1. Interesting that you went with Ravagores over Carniveans with Abby2. Do you not encounter stuff like Harkevich or Karchev with 8-10 heavy Warjacks in your area? It seems that what's popular for Khador right now is one list that's heavy jack spam and one Winter Guard Kommand list with Vlad1, Butcher1 or Sorscha1. How do you plan to deal with those things with your Vayl2/Abby2 pairing?

  2. I feel what you explain here is a list chicken situation. How I deal with list chickens is something I have tried to write about in the past but it's hard. Mostly I just know the player and know what they will drop.
    You don't need Carniveans to deal with the current jackspam. Ravagores do enough damage. They also let you stand back and chill on the feat turn against Harkevich for example. 3 Ravagores force people to come to me in a totally different way then 3 Carniveans.
    Most Khador opponents I have faced drop rocket spam against me and then I want Vayl2. Letting her slowly kill 3 rockets a turn and wait for them to come into me.

  3. Great work!!! This is quality stuff.