10 mars 2017

8 man tournament

 I'm back :D If you only follow the blog you don't know it but I took a break, played some The Ninth Age. A Warhammer Fantasy Battle fan made clone. The best balanced WFB I have ever played.. It's still to random to be my primary game but I liked it a lot.

I did some calculations and thought Sweden would not get a third team and my odds to be chosen in two teams were not great. So when I heard we were probably getting a third team I was happy and surprised. I applied and I got in. So now it's time to practice for WTC.

This was before the tier lists were released. Not that I think that changes my Vayl2 list. Deathstalkers are too important I think. Might not be though :D Anyway that's for a later article.

I had this little 8 man tournament. I had planned to bring with me a Thagrosh1 arms brick and my Vayl2 as back up. With the intention to try out Thags. That did not work since first game I got dropped into Jeppa Resmark with Cygnar. He was one listing it with Nemo3. I have no chance but to drop Vayl2 and try to assassinate him.

He wins the roll and decides to go first.

His first turn he runs up and tries to protect Nemo3 behind all his bases in the middle. Putting up both arm buffs on the horses. 

He has ran up the right horses way to far. So Vayl2 walk backwards 2 " to avoid electro leap death. She throws out an chasten but it fails to hurt a horse. Forcing me to throw out another one. Second one kills a horse though. Also removing their upkeep. Then I can't afford stealth on the Maw, since Annyssa needed a slipstream. She shows why she's in the list and kills 2 stormlances. The NBT kills another and the seraph fails to kill the last one. It's cool I think the Carnivean just assault it but you know there is a forest there :'( MK3 hurts so much. Lastly a deathstalker walks up and kills a Storm Tower. She needed a slipstream to reach all the way back there but yeah. Big Piggy stands 13.1" away from the lances in a trench.

In his turn the last Storm Lance charges the seraph and does 17 damage at dice -1 :'( His shooting kills a deathstalker by bouncing enough shots of the Maw to kill it eventually with D3 leaps. Something I did not think about. Dynamo walks up and tries to kill the Maw. Not having stealth is sad times. Dynamo fails hard though. Which forces other models forward. Standing in the way of Big Piggy from reaching Dynamo.

Now I realize I made a huge mistake when I moved Annyssa last turn. She should be a lot more center. Ready to kill the next round of lances. Over there she can't do anything.  

So I proxy base out my assassination run. Seraph apparate backwards so it can reach Vayl2 with slipstream. Big pig gets extra walk range so he can throw a horse at the storm tower in the way of my NBT shot. Then Vayl2 feat and NBT shot goes into Nemo3. He lives on 3 boxes.

Leaving Vayl2 standing out in the open with stealth and spiny growth. Stuff tries to run in the way but yeah nope. Nemo3 feats and kills my whole army giving me transfers but still killing me.


Leaving me in the loser bracket.

Game 2

Second game I got Cryx. A pirate fleet and Skarre1. I decide that I can't drop Thags1 into that so Vayl2 goes again. My opponent drops Skarre1.


I win the dice roll so I get to start. Turn 1 2 deathstalkers kills 2 tentacles. Then pot walk up create a Harrier that runs up 5" away from the right stalker. Vayl2 gets slipstreamed and walk up shoot the harrier in the back and then execute the stalker.

My opponent is feeling like a desperate situation. So he feats. Casts dark guidance and charge forward. Then a stalker on Aiokos tries to kill my seraph. The problem is that I'm a terrible person. So I have not walked into the range where he can get Dark Guidance. The control range is only doubled for it's controller so the range of Dark Guidance is not doubled. So he rolls 7:s and then dice +1 hurting the seraph but not even close to killing it.

Then the rest of his army runs up.

In my turn all his heavy targets got +5 arm. So I decide to kill all the Satyxis and call it a day. Leaving a NBT in the zone to stop him from scoring.

He goes for it since he has already lost. Colossal kills the obj and kill shots the NBT for some good damage but Darragh can not do enough to kill it. Skarre1 runs up to the flag. Camping everything just to try and survive.

I just got way to much though. So shes dead way before Vayl2 even had the chance to activate. 


Game 3

Third game is against another newer player. He one listed Maelkus and I just wanted to end it and watch the final so I dropped Vayl2. I win the roll and decide to go first. My first turn I do the normal move and Roll well on my winter storm into his caster doing 5 points.

 In his turn he puts up Banishing Ward on his caster. Well ok. Now I regret dropping Vayl2. Did not know he had that spell. Oh well.

He has not respected the threat of the piggy. So I trade the piggy for his reckoner. Leaving a hole in his wall. Then Vayl2 feats and kills both shield guards. Letting NBT and Anyssa shoot at his empty caster. Almost killing him.

He spends about 50 minutes trying to assassinate me but I'm sitting on 2 transfers, occultation and spiny growth. Outside of Malekus feat range.

Then Anyssa finishes him off the next turn.

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