17 apr. 2017

Swedish Master Game 1

Abby2 vs a Bad Kitten

So I get paired up with Hans the first game. One of the Norwegian Intruders trying to take the title of Swedish Master away from Sweden. He was playing Kit Kats and Makeda1 Molik Missile. Kit Kats is the nickname for a Makeda2 list with 2 units of Ferox, Rhadeim to give them dodge and 2 Willbreakers to give them tough. Despoiler gives Dark Shroud so he lets them hit hard enough. Then normally you have Krea and Legends. Hans had traded away that for Molik. The list is designed to never die. You have tough and steady on def 13 dodge models. With 6 stay deaths a turn.

The Makeda1 Molik Missile is an assassination list. You jam with some chaff and feat. They can't get past it and you can now alpha. Then Molik charges in super far, sidesteps twice, reposition 5 and Makeda1 walks up and jack hammers the other caster to death. This is really strong since it does not really need to be used as assassination tool. You can just alpha 3-4 heavies of the table with it.

So I felt really comfortable dropping Abby2. I think Skorne is really weak against Legion at the moment. Makeda1:s plan of jamming you does not work when all my models fly over and get to the juicy heavies.  Makeda2 does not want you to have one big explosive turn. Which is something Legion specialize in.

So he decides to drop the Kit Kats. He wins the roll and decides to go first.

No matter what side I take he will be standing behind the wall in the middle of the board turn 1. So I take the side where I can use the forest to hide from his heavies.

He runs up aggressively. He has 2 fury on his beasts and 6 on Makeda2. So if I just don't trigger stay death he will roll frenzy.

I keep my Ravagores out of his threat while Carnivean and Abby2 walks a bit forward. 13,6" away from his stuff so he can't pounce on them without dash and that's 3 less stay death.Something he will never do.

In his turn he runs Makeda2 to the flag and rest just shuffles a bit.

In my turn I put 3 ravagore shots into the cat in front of Makeda2. Boosting the pow 8:s on her dealing about 5 damage. She does not want to transfer since I might go in with all the rest of my stuff afterwards and then she needs the stay deaths. I don't of course and the sorceress contests the scenario. Abby2 walks up out of the kill box with spiny camping 4. Carnivean contests my flag at arm 22.

He has clearly had enough of me playing this so passively so he goes in and gets a couple of pow 12:s without any boosts into my arm 18 models. Yay. Cat's deal no damage without pounce.

So it's GO TIME!
Abby2 walks up and kills the gobbo. Then swings at a cat. Does nothing really but yeah. You need to get through her fury so every attack is important. Carnivean goes into Molik. Killing him which lets him reeve so all the stay death Abby2 took away was worthless. Woops. Then Naga, Shredder and Seraph goes into the cat in front and eat all 6 stay deaths. Rav 1 goes into the forest killing the cat in the way for Rav2 to get into despoiler, Rav2 goes into despoiler and kills it. Now Rav 3 goes into Makeda2 with no transfers targets. Killing her on the first swing. 

Normally people stay out of my threat range with Makeda2 and don't put up a Gobbo that can't be stayed death for me to trigger Alpha hunter on. Then the matchup plays out a bit differently. The plan is still to use the ravagores to soften him up in the early turns and to force her to camp. Abby2 wants to get into the back of a cat and just buy attacks. She usually goes through most of the stay death stack alone since they don't want to trigger alpha hunter. Then the rest of my army goes in and boosts to hit on cats. Killing almost all the cats. Leaving him with just a heavy.

Victory, 1-0 in Swedish Master

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