18 apr. 2017

Swedish Master Game 2

Out Gunned and Surrounded

So next I was up against Jonas. If you recognize him it might be since he runs the site Frozenforge.com which is where I and most Swedes get all tokens from. I would highly recommend their new precision movement set. It makes it really easy to check if you can walk around stuff correctly. They also have a trencher template that I think will save a lot of time for Haley3 and/or Kingmaker players. If you buy stuff from them, Jonas gets more money and if Jonas gets more money he will come to more tournaments and I get to play more games against Jonas. Which is fun for me. So buy buy buy :D

He had a Morvahna2 list which was in the Tharn theme. It looked bad but I was scared my Vayl2 list would not have enough juice to go through all the models twice. Then he had a Krueger2 list in the new Wild Hunt theme. Which is a really scary list. I had only tested it with Tanith and she makes the list hits like a ton of bricks. I did not think they would do very much with Krueger2 since they are only pow 8.

So I decided to drop Abby2 and he dropped Krueger2. So I lost in the list selection part of the game. Vayl2 is super good against Krueger2 now and Hex Hunters eats reeves. He won the roll and went first.


All of his models run forward. Normal stuff. K2 windstorm but is not brave enough to walk in front of the beasts.

In my turn I walk away from the edge since something is coming from there. Then my ravagores put out some scathers. I measure so my carnivean with spiny and bracer is outside of 17" from both his Wyrds.I'm like it will be okay if he wants to TK my carnivean forward. That will just end with Krueger2 dead.

Jonas proceeds to make me look silly. He just TK:s the Wyrd. I had forgotten you could do that for a second. Gives it Wraith Bane with the Pureblood. Then it walks up and kills my Carnivean. With some help from 3 Reeves and 2 War Wolfs..

 In my turn Abb2 kills the War Wolves. Ravagores take some shots where his units are clumped up a bit. One Ravagore charges the Wyrd. Shepherd and Shredder takes care of tying up the Wolves of Orboros. Going towards a heroic death. 1-0

The Pureblood gets primal and kills a ravagore. The rest of his army runs around a bit. Krueger2 feats and I'm pretty fudged. 1-1

Time to go for it. Krueger2 is standing on 2. I can get both Seraph and Naga into him I think. So Abby2 feats goes in and takes care of 3 wolves and then Ravagore kills the dude next to Krueger2. Putting a pow 8 into him, doing about 4 damage. My other Ravagore should aim and shoot the War Wolf but I walked him for some reason. So I miss and scatter of. I no longer get the naga but I have set it up and the only thing I can do is damage him a bit. Seraph goes in boost to hit over the wall. Crit and do about 14 damage into the Feral. Second attack also hits but does not crit so only does about 7 points which he takes and the Naga is not going to get the job done after free strikes. So I abort my plan. 1-1

In his turn he tries to TK the Seraph away from him and fail twice. Then he heals the Feral and all of a sudden K2 is standing empty. Feral kills the Seraph and rest of his army runs into stop me from killing Krueger2. 1-2

I have two ravagore shots. He has 4 boxes. So an 12 on pow 8 would kill him. I go for it. The first ravagore walk up and scatter off. Second one aims and hits on a 12. The boosted damage kills him. Which is good.

We talked about it afterwards and he should just have taken the free strike and walked back. He could transfer the free strike to the Pureblood. I think Abby2 can run the table from there since I she can kill the feral alone and my two ravagores can shoot the Pureblood of the table. Leaving him with 15 Reeves to kill two Ravagores. Sounds tough. 

I really liked seeing his list working itself out. I think I like the Tanith version more. K2 has more defensive tools but Tanith can really pump out the damage with Affliction and Dark Shroud. Now the Reeves did almost nothing. Giving away the Carnivean top of two was a huge mistake and I should not have been allowed to win this game from there. Missing two boosted elevens in a row is not fun. I feel for Jonas.

Legion Victory, 2-0 in Swedish Master

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