10 juni 2016

Ninja Pig and the Puddle Kid.

Ladidadida. Ninja Pig, Ninja Pig does what ever a Ninja Pig does. Charge SUPER far and kill the world. Just like a Ninja Pig does.

So if you read my last article you know I'm not happy with legion at the moment. All the things I enjoyed got nerfed. Will see if I find something new or if there is a faction change in my future. I have found something I think is funny though. That's Rorsh and Brine. Also known as Ninja Pig.

So what do they do you ask? Well it's kinda simple. Turn 1 Rorsh walks up 1,2" in front of Brine. Then you use Diversionary Tactics. That centers an aoe4 on Rorsh and everything under it(but R&B) takes a pow 6 blast then Rorsh and Brine(if he is hit by it) gets to advance again.

So you move Rorsh up a little less then 9" and Brine can move 15". The turn after you can more or less do the same thing for a 14" threat. Totaling 29". Often a bit shorter since most lists can reach out and touch Brine if he runs the full 15" turn one. That is still far into your opponents AD Top of 2. As a fire and forget missile he is really good. As everything fast he does not hit hard enough. Something you solve with a Battle Boar, since it got primal. Then we are starting to get away from the cheap purpose of R&B. I only think that is worth it if you bring some more Winions beasts.

Which takes us into the other part of this. Puddle Kid. Also known as Wrong Eye and Snapjaw. Each turn they throw up submerge. Snappers animus that stops ranged and magic attacks from targeting them. Limiting the ways to deal with them to melee attacks. Letting you get into zones without getting shot to pieces..

So together this makes for a 39 points package. A lot of value for the points here. That turns crazy if you have some debuffs. So lets bring you to the Circus. Directed by Lylyth1.

Lylyth1 -30
Ravagore 19
Bolt Thrower 11
Gobbos 2
Snapjaw 17
Rorsh 15
Battle Boar 7
Deathstalker 4
Deathstalker 4
Grot Banshees 13
Grot Assassin 4
Black Frost Shard 9
This is so much fun to play. You pretend to grind until they are forced to commit their casters then you feat and just kill them. 

So lets break it down. You have your main package. Lylyth1 with a ravagore and Bolt Thrower can straight up murderlate most casters. Four dice Bolt Thrower shot usually means a crit and that translates into a dead caster.

Gobbos are there to provide Line of Sight blocking to Lylyth1. Don't get tempted by prowl. No LoS and distance is what keeps you safe. Trigger prowly only if your opponent can work around clouds but not stealth. 

Then we have the circus. They do what they do. Rorsh is turn 2 sacrifice and snapjaw turn 3. To get people to spend focus so you can kill them.

Deathstalkers are there to handle most infantry and I don't see any reason not to bring 2 in all your lists. Make sure you keep them alive. Their pow 10:s really start to hurt casters when Lylyth1 is around to parasite and feat.

Then we need an unit. As you know legion has two choices and I value Banshees over Raptors in this list since the rest of the list is stealth/shooting immune or heavies.

Then there is BFS. I do not know about them. One game they charge in kill some things and then bolt the caster grabbing the win. In the next they get totally shut down by Orin Midwinter.

In total this is a fun list that I am testing now. Take it out for a test spin. 

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