7 juli 2016

Lylyth1 kills

So normally now would be when I started posting battle reports of my list. Show how I played it and tell you about how great or terrible I did. I really want to but I do not own the models for it just yet so all my games are on vassal.So far all but one have died top of 2 since the craziness that's Brine. So all the battle reports are just going to go through a normal turn 1 and then a normal assassination run. So instead of writing up the same thing fifteen times in a row lets just make this a guide.


First thing first. Check your opponents army out. Look what has pathfinder and what needs to avoid terrain. Then think as your opponent for a second. If you were him how would you deploy. What needs to go where. Is there a piece of cover for his caster to walk into? Can you set it up so the Bolt Thrower can walk and hit him if he walks into it? This think as your opponent thing is extra important if he has a colossal since linears and objectives are so limiting to their movement. You can usually decide where to go.

I generally decide where to set up Rorsh & Brine and Wrong Eye & Snapjaw first. They are the pieces that need to avoid difficult terrain.  Then the rest just more or less fall in place.

If my opponent has a ad unit without stealth remember that we can force them to deploy 2" back with death stalkers. So keep Lylyth1 and the Seraph a bit apart on each side of the middle and ready to threat the whole ad with slip streamed Death Stalkers.

 *Example Deployment. Yellow means Banshees and red are Assassins. 

Turn 1

So the first thing is apparition. Remember it. Writing it on my hand works for me :D

Then for real the first thing I do each turn 1 is to run the Battle Boar. Otherwise I forget and do Rorsh first and he moves out of control. So after the BB run it's Rorsh turn to walk. He walks up so a 4" aoe centered on him just hits Brine. Diversionary tactics so he and Brine can advance forward.. After that he casts Pig Pen. Mostly to dump 2. So far I have never upkept it. Some day I will though and that day I will be happy for every time I cast it turn 1 :D
If your opponent has placed any living for Snapjaw to charge he can submerge and do that. Otherwise he just runs. Never lose 2" since you submerge for no reason top of one.

Then Lylyth dump 3 and run. Then everything just run forward. Remember to check your opponents threats before you run into them.

So an example of a top of one. 

Important things. Use the seraph to block LoS to your caster so you can apparition away and leave a lane while still body blocking your caster.

Make sure you have enough room to apparition away the Seraph and still move Lylyth1 through.

Make sure you can reach brine with Diversionary Tactics without moving models out of the way.

Assassination Run

So how do we kill people now then. First step is to get their caster to lay down. So time to learn the throw rules. You can throw in two different ways to avoid scatters and get your throws exactly where you want them. First is to line up a model and throw directly away. The other is to throw at something behind the caster and not reach it.

So Brine with a Diversionary Tactic can advance 10" then throw something within 1" from him. Then a base. then with primal the model he throws moves 6,5" That means he threats about 20" with a throw. So the only real way to get away from it is to body block it.

So the opponent body block it. Then it's time for the back up plan.Brine can just open a lane for the the Bolt Thrower. It can walk 6+2 for slipstream and shoot 10+4 for snipe. That is a total of 22. With lylyth1 feat that is usually around 60% chance for a crit kd. Sometimes the Bolt Thrower can push a model out of the way for Brine to walk up and throw something.

Lylyth1 will usually follow this up with Feating, shoot the caster, Parasite it and shoot it again. Spending some fury on the boosted damage. Then its time for what ever you have left to shoot it to death.

Remember here that banshees can use gunfighter to charge so they can spray over charge target and hit the caster. Make sure you hit the caster with some brain damage. Since very few things can reach out and kill a stealth/los blocked lylyth1 without any spells.

How to fight it

So first step is understanding the ranges we are talking about here. Lylyth walk 7" shoot 16". The seraph walk 7"+2" for apparition and shoot 10". The Bolt Thrower walk 6" shot 14". You can add slipstream to some of that but not all. So just take your caster and move back. Back out of range. There is nothing that keeps a caster safer then distance.

So now, on kill box scenarios what do you do. Your caster is forced up into the mix. Time to learn how to body block. There's no real AoE:s in my list so you can just place models base to base to block of LoS.

Think about the throw angels. Do not place models where they are perfect targets. Having to throw one of my own models is one less attack. in your caster.

CAMP. You are up against an assassination list. So just camp that focus. Spend it like it's the zombie apocalypse and its the last food you got. Only if you really really need it should you spend focus.

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