31 juli 2016


So lets talk about auto hitting throws. This is the biggest change in mk3 I think. 90% of my games I win since I know how to throw models and then kill the caster. It's just so simple to kill a caster once it's down on the ground. At least until the merc tierlist becomes popular. Stupid feign death.


So a throw. Why you want models with open fists. Throws are power attacks so you can not charge and do them. So a open fist model walk up and pay 1 to do a power attack. Then it needs to hit a model with a melee attack roll. Usually you boost to hit. Then you check strength. If you have 2 open fists you add one dice otherwise it is just a str+d6 for both models. Thrower wins on ties. Then you need to target your throw. There are 3 different ways to target models.

The first throw directly away. This is the throw I almost exclusively use. It is really simple to set up so no need to target other models.

The second way is to target a modes out of range. I mostly use this when I throw my opponents models. They are harder to make sure the directly away throw will hit the models you want to be hit.

Then you have the stupid way. That is to target a model in range. This way forces you to roll to hit against the model. The only reason you want to throw models is since it's hard to hit the model. So rolling to hit and then chancing to miss if you miss and scatter of. That is fucking stupid. The only reason I see to use this is on extremely short distance throws.  When you have the model thrown in base contact with the target. Since then it can not scatter of the model even if you miss. Still would not want to do this usually since you then risk moving the target in a weird direction with the least disturbance.

So anyway. You pick one way to throw. Then you measure out half your strength towards where ever you go. Since you did pick one of the first two options you do not scatter and you hit exactly where you want to hit. Great stuff.


Caine2 stands within 14" of my Carnivean

Then I run a large based model up. With the back of its base 6" away from my Carnivean and inside 6" from Caine2. Walk up the carnivean pay 1 to do a power attack throw. Boost to hit and get the 5 needed to hit. Then my carnivean roll str+2d6 and check towards my throw targets str+1d6. Since 2d6 usually roll >1d6 throwing carnivean wins and throws the target 6" away. Str12/2=6. This pushes caine2 a slight part of an inch backwards.

Since the opponent is not stupid he has heighten reflexes on Caine2 so he is not knocked down but takes a pow 12 and totally dies since why else would you throw models at a model immune to kd :D

Least Disturbance

So far everyone is with us I think. Now lets get this creative with this shit and the reason I really write this article. How to kill madrak2. It's really simple when you figure it out.

Madrak2 will run around the board with his personal blob. He can move normal attacks to other models inside 3" of him. This makes him unkillable so we need to move him 3". This is done with least disturbance.

So you need 4 models to run up. 2 models with open fist. 1 Large base to throw. Then something that kills him with the transfers he has. Usually he does not have that many.

So Least disturbance. Move as few models as possible then move the models you do move as short distance as possible. Now we abuse this.

Step one run some trash models to create a corridor. If your opponent does not lead with Madrak2 just kill his models to create the corridor.

Step two run up your throwing model so the directly away throw just touches madrak2:s base.Step three throw the model. Step four let least disturbance move Madrak2. Since you have placed models everywhere but at the place you want madrak2 you have now moved him through the large base, about 3". He has now 2 models left in 3" of him..

Kill him if you can kill him through the models he have left otherwise walk up the next heavy with open fists and throw the first thrower at Madrak2 to push him another 2". And yeah I know I failed in this picture since he could probably scoot a bit back but you get the idea. Throw so he can not fit between the thrown model and the next model behind madrak2. You only need to push him 3" usually. So you have some marginal.

This is not the be all end all. Madrak2 players will learn to play around it. The power from his crazy running around in an unkillable blob will be a lot simpler to deal with though when the blob needs to leave 2 holes for Madrak2 to slip into. Having an assassination against him will stop him from stupidly running into scenario zones. This is important. Gives you more turns to shoot at the blob before it gets into position to kill you.

I also recommend playing Vayl2 into this shit. He is not immune to spells and you can just kill stuff with ranged/magic attacks.

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  1. It doesn't look like you know how least disturbance works. In your last diagram Madrak would just move a fraction of an inch back towards the warder behind him.