16 sep. 2016

A steriotypical Haley3 game

Something I noticed at Iron Moot was that people do not know how to play against Haley3.

So I thought I would write somethign about this. Since seldom have I seen top players lose so easily.

The typical Haley3 win works like this: Trenchers walk up cloudwall/dig in depending on if you ignore a cloud wall or not. Then stuff run up behind cloud wall. She spends 3-4 turns slowly grinding you down. Tries to not give away any models. This gives you some scenario points and then eventually two echos walk into your zone camping 4. If you can kill them you win but you can't since you don't have enough time left.

The typical Haley3 loss the same things happens but yeah you have enough time and resources left to either kill Echos or Haley3.

So for everyone: Don't be stupid, Stupid. Deploy and play your first 2 turns fast. This is going to be a battle against the clock. At the same time don't give away stuff for free since she is an attrition monster. Use scenario play to force her to come to you. If you try to push into her all the good solos starts to work on full capacity and then she can steamroller you.

Then you have the very important point of throw shit at her. Def 18 arm 17 with 2 camp is really hard to kill. Def 7 arm 17 with 1 camp is not :D  If you don't know how to throw stuff by now I am sorry but go read an older article. 

Then since this is a legion blog. My two tips for dealing with Haley3 is simple. Start damaging her early. She does not like to camp and/or not be able to be involved in the fight. Just throwing a couple of 12:s into her each turn will really make her sad. Killing an echo is probably an waisted effort. Sometimes it's good but they will come back and you just avoid their work for one turn.

Secondly the Dig up trick. Almost all Haley3 builds got Trenchers and there is a really simple way to use a tentacle. Kill a Tentacle and place it inside of 8". Then run 10". So you just touch trenchers with the reach and then run past even more. This lets you generally dig up 3-4 trenchers from top of one. Then Vayl2 can bolt them or slipstream Deathstalkers forward and shoot them if he fucked up his deployment.

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