9 okt. 2016

WTC Game 4 Belgium Victorious Secrets

Now I got pictures of the pairing process since I wised up so yeah. I can actually talk about it this time. Sweden uses a 1-5 system. 1 is your worst matchup. 5 your best and so on.

Once again we win the roll and pick for them to throw out a player. They threw out their Mercenary player. We answer with Cygnar and Trolls. They pick the Cygnar and leaves the troll for them to jump on. They offer up Cryx and their first Khador player. Our troll player picks the Khador since that is best for the rest of the team. Leaving us Cryx to jump on. Which I and Protectorate do.They pick me and leave Khador, Legion on their side vs our Retribution, Protectorate. As you can see by the numbers our Retribution player was going under the buss this game no matter what I tried to do so yeah. He gets the second Khador that no one wanted and Our Protectorate player gets his matchup.

Benoit Van Lee
Magnus 2
Fredrik Rabén
Haley 2
Niels De Vlieger
Kallus 1
Gustav Linderup
Harbinger 1
Tim Bossuyt
Scaverous 1
Torbjorn Hansson
Vayl 2
Christophe Dirckx
Sorscha 1
Niklas Bergmark
Borka 1
Steven De Canck
Irusk 2
Ola Segerberg
Vyros 2

I feel like we got in 4 good matchups and one bad. Which is what you want when you win the dice roll. Probably one table will go down due to terrain and you still win 3-2.

So I'm up against the Cryx player.

Armory - Steamroller Objective
Skarre, Queen of the Broken Coast - WJ: +26
- Kraken - PC: 36 (Battlegroup Points Used: 26)
- Ripjaw - PC: 7
Aiakos, Scourge of the Meredius - PC: 4
- Kraken - PC: 36
Darragh Wrathe - PC: 9
Ragman - PC: 4
Orin Midwinter, Rogue Inquisitor - PC: 5


Fuel Cache - Steamroller Objective
Lord Exhumator Scaverous - WJ: +27
- The Withershadow Combine - Maelovus, Admonia & Tremulus: 9
- Erebus - PC: 16 (Battlegroup Points Used: 16)
- Deathripper - PC: 6 (Battlegroup Points Used: 6)
- Deathripper - PC: 6 (Battlegroup Points Used: 5)
Darragh Wrathe - PC: 9
Warwitch Siren - PC: 4
Bane Knights - Leader & 9 Grunts: 17
Satyxis Raiders - Leader & 9 Grunts: 16
- Satyxis Raider Sea Witch - PC: 3
Croe's Cutthroats - Leader & 9 Grunts: 16

Looking at these lists I feel really comfortable playing Vayl2 into it. Skarre2 with 2 Krakens kinda sucks but I out threat her so she has to feat and run at me. Then I can back of let her take scenario points one turn. Then I can go in and wreck 1½-2 Krakens. The important part is to not let the Krakens get any corpses and let Vayl2 work on Darragh all game long. Eventually 2 pow 12:s kill him. Use the deathstalkers to kill tentacles that spawned to become arc node. If a Kraken can't get any corpses it does not really kill a carnivean. Much less the AA. Not that any of that matters since he decided to drop Scaverous instead. Which I was super fine with. One of my first Vayl2 games was against Stefan. A Scaverous connoisseur. After which he said "This is stupid. There is nothing I can do." So I had confidence going into this.

So turn 1 Stuff run up and Vayl2 kills 3 Croe's. My heavies stay out of 24" from his arcnodes since I do not want them turned around and shot to death by Croe's. Tried that once and it hurts.

In his turn he runs up some.

The only really important thing is that his Arcnode can't stand fully on the hill and outside of 11,6 from the Maw.

I decide to kill his left flank and back away from his Knights this turn. Not triggering vengeance and staying out of eleven. Then swing around hard to clear them all the next turn. To keep Vayl2 safe I need to kill the Arcnode on the right and my only real way to do that is to commit my Seraph. So Seraph walk up just outside of 10". Roll one shot boost to hit and boost damage. Does not kill the Arcnode or movement so does nothing for me. NBT have to kill it. Then Vayl2 can walk up into the kill box. Put Icy Grip on the Satyxis and start clearing them off. I should have put Admonition on the Seraph but I got greedy and thought I could kill enough witches so I don't need it. Some missed rolls later it looked like a dead Seraph. Missing the UA twice really hurt.

So in his turn Scaverous TK forward 2 Satyxis, put up Deathward on himself and stands behind the wall. Then five Satyxis kill the Seraph. I really regret failing to kill the UA at this moment. Since without it I could just blast them all to death in my next turn. My NBT push back his jack out of threat range.

In my turn I kill the 5 Satyxis with Vayl2 and Carniveans aiming spray. Then rest of my army starts working on the knights. I still miss way to many shots though so about 5 knights lives. They can only reach the Naga though so the Naga gets smoked.

Then there stands 5 knights in a nice little semicircle for the Carnivean to walk in and kill them all. AA starts working on the last Croes. NBT push his jack away again.Vayl2 hides in the corner of the kill box.

His jack has become tiered of the push me away game. So it runs at me and everything just follow. His caster run up to the hill threatening Vayl2 in her corner.

AA kills Darragh and reforms to the flag. Carnivean takes care of the jack and Vayl2 runs to the other corner.

He runs up the last scraps of his army. Shadow binds my Carnivean with his Warwitch siren.

I forget to shake shadow bind and just kill all models he have but his caster.

Then his caster gets in there and kills the Carnivean. I let my AA stand on the flag and keep scoring points. Vayl2 camps in the other corner of the kill box. 

I win 5-3 on scenario since he got nothing left. Vayl2 is hiding in the dead pile :D Scared of Scaverous.

Sweden Bofors wins 4-1. So yeah the important parts of this matchup is to not walk into Croes threat and lose two heavies. Then kill all the things that can take points so you don't have to contest.

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