9 okt. 2016

WTC Game 5 USA White

We won the dice roll and forced them to throw out a player first.

They threw out their Retribution player and as normal no one wanted it so Me and our Cygnar player Fredrik jumped on it. They picked the better matchup for the moment. That means I was left on the table. I think that is the wrong choice but I'm not sure. Either way they could not jump on me. They tried with their Circle and Legion player. My team did not want to face a potential Wurmwood so I took that. Leaving us the legion player and almost everyone jumped at the shot at getting some legion action.  Our Troll player was less confident so drop Ola with Retribution and Gustav with Menoth. They picked Protectorate. Don't ask me why. Harby might die but that is very dice dependent and  not something I would risk the teams game on. I would rather try and play Abby2 into Olas lists. Anyway this leaves us with Skorne, Cygnar vs Ret, Troll. Like always we threw the Troll player under the buss and gave the good matchup to our Ret player.

Leaving us with 4 good matchups and one coin flip. It will be funny to hear what Chain attack Trevor thought about the matchup process in the next episode since they said in the last Episode that they felt like they did great in the matchup process. When both me and Nobel that faced them felt like we got one up on them in that regard. Which is kinda funny since almost everyone thinks they are favored after each matchup process.

Niklas Bergmark
Borka 1
Trevor Attridge
Haley 2
Ola Segerberg
Issyria 1
Trevor Christensen
Rasheth 1
Gustav Linderup
Harbinger 1
Brent Simon
Lylyth 3
Torbjorn Hansson
Vayl 2
Chris Green
Kaya 2
Fredrik Rabén
Haley 3
Michael Ireland
Helynna 1

So I forgot to take a picture at the beginning of this matchup so yeah. I deploy like normal. Turn 1 I do about 5 damage with a deadly storm to Ghetorix.

In his turn he runs up and more or less present his whole army in front of mine and I see a good opportunity. With some good rolls I can kill his 3 heavies in one turn. So step one is the naga needs to walk up shoot a stone and do at least 4 boxes of damage to it. Snakes on the to hit roll. Well Then I need to send in the carnivean instead of dragging out his feral. I got Carnivean into one. AA into another. Vayl2 feat and seraph into Ghetorix. With some good rolls I might still be able to get 3. So Vayl2 feats. Rolls total crap and leaves Ghetorix on 10 boxes instead of dead or close to dead like I should. Then the seraph goes in and with Vayl2s fluffs Seraph needs to kill a stone so AA can get to Ghetorix instead. Rolling just one shot so I can't Flare the feral and all of a sudden my plan is looking shaky. Anyway. To late to back down so I pray to the dice gods and send in Carnivean into Feral. Leave it on 3 boxes. Then AA goes into Pureblood and miss the boosted 8 charge attack. Just hard roll the 8:s for the hands. Miss both and then I boost an attack at ghetorix. Hit and boost damage. Just barely enough to kill Ghetorix.

I really should not have greeded this round. I could have been happy just killing the feral. Not do anything else. He would not be able to kill any models after that and I can slowly snowball the grind. I need to realize that Legion is not as good as they used to be. Not having an extra heavy over my opponent and all heavies are worse then they were.

So in his turn he walks his caster up Heals Feral twice. Then Pureblood gets primal and Forced Evolution. So Feral kill carnivean and Pureblood kills the AA. Then the little bird with the help of Doublerbark and some stickmen kills the Seraph which shocks me a bit.

So once again the grind is lost but his caster is empty. I can get LoS with NBT, Vayl2 and DS. So I do some calculations in my head and I decide that I need to hit one pow 12 and one 14 to kill her. So stick icy grip on her then a double boosted chasten. Do some damage then Bolt thrower walk up and kill her.

Our Cygnar player loses to Helynna pretty quick. So much for trust in Haley3. Troll lost against their Cygnar. Our Retribution player won against Skorne. So 2-2 and our protectorate player is left against their legion. The grind looks good. Like it always does for Harby against Lylyth3. Then Lylyth3 is in her last ditch assassination mode. Tries to pull out the book with 2 tentacles but miss since Awe and Ashen Veil. Then Lylyth3 goes for the assassination run on Harby standing in a trench. Tramples over an infantry model kills it and KG the king he is, hits over to his time. Looks at the table, looks at his health, think a bit and Martyrs it. Since why not. Not like he's about to be assassinated by Lylyth3. Tanks the assassination like a bawse and then Avatar can get to Lylyth3 and that is all they wrote for the poor girl. 3-2 Sweden Bofors. So Usa White were undefeated and then hit two Swedish teams and went down twice :D

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