9 okt. 2016

WTC Game 6 Canda Goose

The time before this round I look at the 4-1:s and I feel okay. There are Scotland Irn, Canada Goose and Poland Wisents that I'm scared of. Then there are Australia Koala, England Roses and Germany Gold that could be a really nice fight. Lastly there are Denmark Aasgard and Italy Michelangelo that I feel like we would have good matchups against. So decent odds that we could get a good matchup this round and even if we got a scary team we might be able to pull an upset.

So the pairing comes up and we get Canada Goose and I feel an oh oh feeling hitting me. We went through their lists before and yeah. Our numbers were not great against this team. More like they were disastrous. So more or less with a sense of defeat we went into this. Someone even said a 4-2 is a great result for our team and I get so sad. This will not go well. You try till the end. When the going get tough the tough gets going and all that.

Then Norbert Says he have to redo the pairing and a hopeful five minutes happen. We could still do this. Give us anyone but Goose. Just anyone but Goose. Then the pairings come up again and it's Goose again. Oh Norbert how you toy with my emotions.

The numbers are so bad and so alike that we actually have to bring back the +- system of old. They win the dice roll and force us to throw out first. I'm tempted to throw out my self but I am the only one with good matchups so I will get kept till last. Our troll player gets thrown out first since he got least bad of his bad matchups. Then in a quick pace we throw everyone but me under the buss. Leaving me with the Ret player. Once again. I'm really good at knowing who wants me and doing the pairing process so I'm left at the end with someone that wants to dodge me and the Retribution player. This time it was the Legion player I think.

 So yeah not really stellar numbers here but I did the best I could. I tried okay.

I win the dice roll and goes first. Which is stupid on this scenario but good against Kaelyssa. Should probably go second here since this scenario is so easy to camp in your own zone. Definitely should deploy more towards his zone if I decide to go first. In my first turn I stay out of his threat range which is 21". That does not really leave me very many inches to run forward. I should just have ran into it and let him shoot at me if he wanted to. A key to this matchup is to force the feat on the first turn. Something I really don't do when I stay so passive.

Anyway. Deadly storm into Disco. Doing some damage.

Since I did not press forward enough he can run into his scenario zone without any trouble. Blur on sentinels and Kae gets Banishing ward. 

Then I start working on the right sentinels. Vayl2 Chasten two of them then a Deathstalker can get to 2 more.  Rest of my army stays passive.

Then both his Hydras get Phantom hunter and kill both my Deathstalkers and I feel like I lost the game. His right unit of sentinels all runs around my tentacles and Kae runs into the zone. He scores 0-1.

In my turn the AA walks up. Boost to hit my tentacles in the back. Crit on the fist shot killing the tentacle and leaving 3 Sents on fire. Boost another shot on the other tentacle. Does not crit but does not kill the tentacle either. So third shot boost and it crits. Lighting 4 more dudes on fire.

Then my army does more or less nothing. Naga contests his zone.

In his turn about 4 of the sents burn up and the gimmick was fun but did not really do anything. His hydras starts putting shots into my bunker.

In my turn I shoot disco almost to death. Once again Jamming the AA in there and well once again it does not work very well.

He kills the carnivean and the AA. Then I'm left with a bad assassination run but yeah. It does not work out.

In his last turn some sentinels charge Vayl2 and the game is over. 

So I end WTC 5-1 With a 4-2 Team. I'm really happy for our teams work. I think we got lucky winning the dice roll for deciding who to throw out first a lot of the time. Beating USA white is no small feat for Swedens third team.11:th place is better then I thought we would get. Still I think 11:th place is fair. When I look up in the lists It's mostly teams I don't think we could beat and when I look down in the list it's mostly teams I think we could beat. At the same time I think that if we had gotten a different team in the last game we might have been able to go 5-1 and that would have been awesome. The position seems right though. Just feels like we had a rough journey. Getting Echidna in the third round and Goose in the last one was not ideal.

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