9 nov. 2016


The lists from the event is located here: http://www.gotapair.se/forum/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=4303

The matchup process at 3 people might be new to you so. Each team drops one list secretly. Then at the same time they reveal what that list is. Then the two lists you have left is matched against the list your opponent dropped. Our standard tactic was to drop me since I was the weak link in the team having only played a couple of Haley2 games in my life and not practiced at all since the WTC. Wasting time trying to refine a Skorne pair, which just was not playable.

Game 1: Riktiga män spelar med kryckor, livrem, ledhund och störtkruka (Real men plays with crutches, belt, guide dog and helmets)

So yeah, first game we drop me they drop madrak2. We match Haley1 into it and they pick WW against me. Leaving Haley3 for us and Haley2 for them. Which is exactly how we wanted the pairing to work. So I get to test my Anti WW plan.

Since my list in normal form is my Anti WW list I do not change anything. My opponent drops Gallows Grove, Shamblers and Blackclad for a Pureblood.

My opponent won the dice roll and decided to go first. Not that I really care. He does a cute thing which I should think about in later Wurmwood games. He deploys both sentry stones far away from my GMCA. I should not deploy both Gun Mage Captain Adept and Minuteman on same flank. In his turn 1 he puts up a forest on the hill and stay in his  advance deployment zone. Crucially he does not kill his own dudes for souls. This lets me run up the board safely.

In his turn 2 he curse of shadows the stormwall and pull back Cassius.preparing for a turn 3 where he can strangle hold the colossal and feat. He offers up the feral as a way to start the trade. Which I'm okay with.

In this turn I have 2 targets. I want to kill Cassius to stop the strangle hold of the wall and I want to take the primal wolf of the table. The ironclad can get to the primal wolf with 2 TK:s but that cost Haley 6 of her focus and then I do not have enough left to bolt Cassius so instead I pull the trigger on the throw jank. Iron Clad and 'Wall throws the freebooter. Knocking down the Feral and then freebooter forsakes movement and kills him with 5 auto hitting. boosted pow 14:s. Then thorn runs up and Haley2 ends Cassius life with 2 Arcane Bolts.

In his turn he has no way to impact any of my stuff so kills the freebooter and feats. Bringing him up to 1 cp.

Since this is Wurmwood feat turn I have nothing really fun to do. So Thorn runs a bit and Haley2 bolts a Sentrystone rolling a casual 15 to kill it on second try. Then I run the Ironclad up the table. Before I move into the zone with Haley2 and feat. Wooops. So yeah. Forgetting to feat is great. Taking cp is for suckers.

In his turn the 'Wall has a big fat bulls eye on it. He has to commit the whole fury stack and both stalkers into it. Crucially this means he has no attack left over to kill the pod I contested with.

Then the iron clad shows why it's in the list. Haley2 TK one wolf next to the other one. GMCA flare shoots it in the back. Then Ironclad walk over to it and hit it in the back with KD attack. Knocking both stalkers and beat down the stalker looking towards us to death. Then Gastonne uses backstab and kills the turned wolf. I also remember to walk Haley2 into the zone and feat this turn :D 1-1

In his turn he clears his zone. 1-2

Then I kill everything that can contest my zone and contests his zone. Leading to the inevitable win. 5-3 on scenario.

It felt kinda great to show that I'm a terrible player but the list still works just fine into Wurmwood. You can be bad enough that you forget to feat with Haley2 and it will still work decently. 

Team wins 3-0

Game 2 The Irken Empire

So game 2 we are paired up against Niklas from my WTC team and his two local friends. I don't get thrown to the wolves. Instead we throw over Haley1 since they had 3 infantry lists and that would be bad for them no matter what. They throw over something that our Haley3 player wants. So I get left to the end and gets Niklas with his new caster Thexus.

So yeah a lot of dudes. I trade out Ironclad for 3 ponies and call it a day. He does not change anything. I win the roll and yeah. Starting with Haley2 is pretty ball busting on a kill box scenario. So Haley starts. Temporal Acc the wall through Thorn. Which lets Thorn Drive. Then she casts deceleration and charge up the table. I think that is a mistake. I should TK some stuff to run further but I was scared of some shenanigans. Then everything runs max up the table.

My opponent runs up 4 lines of dudes. Ready to take the hurt. Then Thexus walk sideways to avoid my throw jank with the Freebooter. That is still inside of my threat though and this is a killbox scenario so I can just throw away my cav on doing damage to his caster and Haley2 will win on scenario. So clear the line. Then Thorn can run in there and Haley2 just TK his caster and all three lances. Letting me get to him.

I don't know if this counts as a Torbjörn Special since I TK:ed him out of his deployment area.

If the assassination fails then cav reposition away from his stuff and he has to feat. On my feat turn. To get 3 storm lances. That have with electro leaps and impacts already killed their twelve points. There is also 0% chance he can walk into the killbox and live. So yeah the god old Haley2 starts check mate. She is totally great for the game. Nothing broken here look at other stuff :D

Game 3 Smuttarna

There are 3 undefeated so we get paired down against a team with people that knew me from back when I was a small little child :D So we throw over me and I get Irusk2 in the face. I want to say thrown to the wolves but... it's Haley2. With specialists. I don't think there is a list I'm actually not favored against :D Anyway Irusk2 is another top caster I had to plan against with legion. Now that plan is instead called I'm Cygnar Pew! Pew! :D

Irusk2 changes nothing and I change into Jarles list. Cav, Lannyssa, Firefly, Ragman instead of Gastone, Minuteman and GMCA.

My opponent wins the first round and runs everything towards me. I give him the side with 2 forests since he only really got his feat to get through them and the rest of the game I can play around.

Since he ran everything max towards me I have a really funny play. Thorn runs 12. Haley bolts a rocket. Driving him 3" further forward and all of a sudden Joe is in range. He dies to another bolt and then I bolt another rocket. Sadly it toughs but yeah. Joe dead. Then Stormwall tramples and pods. Which the firefly then can leap killing another couple of dudes and I pass over the turn feeling really happy with my turn.

In his turn he shoots Thorn almost killing him with Behemoth, 2 rockets and a big combine. All of a sudden I'm less happy with my turn 1 play.

So Haley2 bottom of 2 on Incursion. Time to Feat, take a flag and kill everything that can contest it. Haley2 TK the cav behind the rock and bolt both rockets. Then lances kill 4 dudes each and reposition to hold Behemoth. Stormwall shoot some dudes and firefly with Temporal Acc walk up so all dudes are inside of 5" of him and leap on them all. I am lucky though and roll all 7+ so almost clear the middle flag as well. Something I could have done if I knew I was going to roll bonkers with Firefly :D

My opponent sees his shot at an empty Haley2. So he energizer Behemoth and I am about to do a face palm. Luckily she survives on 2 boxes.

Then I can clear all 3 flags trivially and win on scenario 5-0.

Game 4 L'equipe Les Trois Capitaines (
Team Three Captains)

Now it's us and 3 captains left. So I get to stair down the two most feared people in Sweden. Christoffer Wedding captain of WTC Sweden Nobel, playing Wurmwood. Jocke "Mad Dog" Rapp, captain of Sweden Dynamite, playing Ossrum. Then there was their captain Hugo Svanborg, playing Damiano in tier. Hugo have lead Sweden to victory two years in a row in the Paris team tournament. I feel like we will have great matchups against both Jocke and Hugo no matter what so it's just about trying to get the best matchup into Wurmwood as possible. Which before the game we theorize is Olov with Haley1.

So we walk into the room early in the morning and there he sits. The captain of the other team. Just look at that face. The moral was at an all time low. So we do as planned throw over me. They throw over Wedding and Olov gets it. I get Hugo and Fredrik with Haley3 gets Ossrum. All according to plan :D

So I trade out Ironclad and Gastone. giving me Cav, Firefly and Anastasia. I still lose the start roll and yeah. So Hugo runs everything up. Then the trample wall starts it again. Temporal acc on the Firefly and two shots into the pod kills 4 trenchers.

In his turn he contest with as little as possible to stop me from scoring both zones. The Buccaneer kd Damiano.

So in my turn I do some cute things. Anastasia come in from the side. Surprizing my opponent. Kills a cav in the zone. Then wall and firefly clear my right zone from dudes.  Haley2 dominate a Nomad in the left zone that walks out smack Damiano in the face. Doing 6 damage through his camp. I say loudly. It's good to start chipping away at Damiano and the five other players around the table laughs at me.  Then Haley2 charges into the zone and Hugo has a heart attack. I forgot to feat. I think I made his day. They joy on his face. Oh well. 3-0 on scenario and I'm going to be a stormwall down. 

So in his turn Damiano walks up feats. Kill 2 cav triggering road to war twice so both full focused Nomads can walk into the wall. He leaves the wall on 3 boxes but he gets the cortex. I prepare my self for a boring turn and then he does not knock down his caster. Since he's scared of me clearing a path for Thorn and the minuteman. Hitting him when he's on the ground.

So his caster is empty. Standing in the open. Well hello there. 3 bolts and a Firefly shot later he is dead. No one is laughing about my softening up his caster anymore.

Haley1 goes down against Wurmwood. Our first individual loss. The matchup was apparently a lot worse for us then we thought. Thankfully that does not matter since our Haley3 player survives a throw assassination by winning a strength check. As we call it pure skill :D This leaves us as the only undefeated but for the second time in a row on this blog we had 5 games mandatory. Something we don't often have in Sweden, I promise, but it happens. So we are up against


They have Haley2, Irusk2 and Ossyan. I have a plan against Ossyan so they will never let me get him. So we know they will throw over Haley2 and whoever we throw over as long as it's not me will get Ossyan to the face. So we throw over me. They don't take the lure though. So I get Irusk2. Haley3 player feels favored against Haley2 so he gets that and Haley1 gets Ossyan.

I see assassins in his lists so I bring out Gastone and Ironclad for Minuteman, Anastasia and Cav. Which was stupid since he brings out assassins for Ruin. Something I should have figures out. Turn 1 is the same as against Thexus. I run up super far.

In his turn he runs up to counter me. There is no way he can run up outside of my threat so he runs up just shy of 12" from the wall.

Then the Haley2 train starts trucking. I TK his sacrificial jugger into position. Temporal Accelerate the wall. and stand on the flag with a feat. Wall wrecks the jugger and leaps kill 4 dudes. Two cav sacrifices themselves and ties up his jacks so that he can not energizer away and shoot an empty Haley. Not falling for it twice :D

In his turn he jams the wall with 2 cav and back away with Ruin. The Winter Guard Rifle Corps almost kill the firefly.

I look at the clock and I don't think I will have enough time to play this out on scenario. So I go for the caster kill. Time bomb a dude next to his caster. Making it a nine with a squirereroll to get him out of the trench. Which I get. then Stormwall and minuteman shoot him to death.

In my head when I went for this I thought this would be great anyhow. The time bomb would kill 5 dudes so was a great use of my focus. Then I went for it and my opponent looks at me like I'm stupid and reminds me of solid ground. I'm a great player. I would have gone up to 3-0 killed the horses. He could only get 1 destroyer into the wall and I probably would have been fine anyhow. Don't know if it's right but was below 20 minutes on the clock and would probably need to play 2 more turns before I won on scenario.

Our Haley3 player gets her stuff smacked in. That is okay though. Ossyan feat on the stormwall without enough shots to 100% guaranteed kill it. So wall lives, walks up, throw something at Ossyan and then he is just super dead. Team Haley wins the event. I personally go 5-0 and both my team mates go 4-1. Woop Woop!

So yeah,  Haley2 with specialists is probably one of the dirtiest things in the game. Small changes affect her matchups hugely and being able to bring the right tools for each matchup makes her crazy powerful. 

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