22 apr. 2017

Invitational Game 2

Once again unto the breach, old friends, once more

So Olov won against Hans, Jarle beat Gustav, Joakim lost against Oscar. That left me with 2/3 to get Cygnar. I really hoped they would get each other. That's what they deserve. I feel really comfortable with Abby2 into Mercs. Of course that did not happen and I got Jarle. The toughest cookie on the block. He drops Sloan I drop Vayl2. He wins the roll and goes second. Like he should. This time he picks the correct side.

He makes a mistake in his deployment though. Uncharacteristic. I can place my Harrier so he does not get cover on a Hunter. That should let me feat and kill it top of one.

On my way home on Saturday I had a lot of time and I kinda knew this was a matchup I should expect to play again. I felt confident against the rest and Jarle was 9-0 or something at that point. Which is kinda funny when it's just luck I got through the first round. My plan was that I should be able to trample up and slipstream my two Carniveans. While still be out of range from the Stormwalls guns. Which was stupid. I forgot Heavy Metal got +2 deployment.
My feat rolled a bit under average and I left the Hunter on two boxes. 

In his turn 2 he can just walk up and shoot me. I'm surprised by his decision to not feat. Sure Sloan can't work but he will lose more Hunters in my next turn and then the feat will do even less. Anyway. In his turn all the damage goes into my right Carnivean. Dealing about 20 damage. Frefly kills 2 Hexhunters The damaged Hunter walks back and gets repaired. The other Hunters block LoS to him.

So he leaves 3 Hunters in perfect assault position for my Carniveans. I have some activation order problems this turn. I need one Slipstream on a Carnivean to get it into cover. Another Slipstream on the Bolt Thrower to get it in range. Lastly Vayl2 wants to move last to see what needs to get done.

So Seraph Slipstream the Carnivean that needs it. The NBT gets his Slipstream from the Bloodseer. In my plan from deployment the Bloodseer was going to be the one that contests the right zone. I also greed with my Sorc. Letting it walk, Windravager and reposition. Which leaves me without contesting the right zone and only Bayal in the left. Which is bad.

Anyway. My assaults kill the back hunter and does some damage into the front one. NBT sadly does not crit the Hunter or take out it's movement. So Vayl2 is left with only a Deadly Storm for damage but she spikes the roll and kills it.  She uses the last of her fury to heal my badly damaged Carnivean.

I place a Harrier in the way of the Stormwall charging my Carniveans. I don't really know why. This is his feat turn.

He kills my damaged Carnivean, the Bolt Thrower and all but a single Hex Hunter. He also scores to 3-0.This is bad.

So I spend a lot of time weighing my options this turn, I decide in the end to go for the Stormwall. I can get Carnivean and Seraph+Naga guns into it. As long as I don't roll a snake eyes to hit that should be enough. If it stands on just a couple of boxes after that I can get a shredder from the pot. As a last ditch. Pow 10 4 dice vs arm 22. It's something.

Which is what happens. I spike a bit so I don't even need the Naga or Shredder. Letting me contest more.

In his turn he does not forget to shake the Shadow Bind on Hammersmith. I had high hopes there you know :D I did totally not remind him about it. That would be a total breach in my conduct. So the Hammersmith proceeds to murder my Carnivean. His shooting kills the Sorc and softens up the Seraph a bit.

He also does a cute move here. When Sloan goes back and to kill the Sorc in combat he turns her so that he won't have line of sight to the Hunter that the Sorc is engaging. So in case he miss he won't have to roll against himself.

So in my turn I need to kill a Hunter in the right zone and Firefly+Pod in the left. Seraph aims shoots the hunter. Damaging it. The Bloodseer then goes in and kills it. Vayl2 Boundless Charge the Naga and Chasten the Firefly. Naga fails his family and leaves the Firefly on two boxes. Which means the pot can't create a Shredder to kill the pod instead it need to help with the Firefly. I don't know why I'm standing on 3 at this point. I should have spent more of my focus stack doing work this turn. Put up Admonition or something. 1 is plenty when your opponent only got 2 shots left in his list.

So in his turn the Hammersmith goes into the Bloodseer. I should have measured that more closely. I clearly could have been outside of 10" there. Did I mention that I have spent a lot of time at this point? His Hunter finally kills the Pot.

So in my turn I have to kill a Hunter and a pod in the left zone. Naga aims crits and does some damage. Vayl2 leaves it on a couple of points with two Chasten. Then Shredder goes in. Killing it. Leaving the trusted Shepherd to kill the Pod.

I have 13 seconds left when I end my turn here. I don't do anything with my Seraph or Forsaken. Both of which could have killed all the models that could contest. Leaving him without any options. I also could have put up Admonition on the Seraph. If I thought this turn through. I did not really have time for that though.

So in his turn Squire runs into my zone. JWC kills the Shepherd. Jakes kills the Forsaken. Sloan spikes her damage roll. Doing 14 damage which kills Seraph to the point. Leaving a confused Hammersmith with nothing to do.

3-5 on scenario :'(

It sucks to lose on time. I really should not have spent so much time on my options turn 3. Just killed the Stormwall and been happy. Letting him get 3 cp turn 2 is a kick in the nuts but I have to deal with that. I don't really see how I could ever contest on his feat turn.

So first off obviously Hunters need extra defense or I feat and kill them. Secondly he could hide the damaged Hunter behind 3" of forest. Then my sprays can't get to him. Thirdly he could keep the wall alive. Vayl2 was more than 21" away from it, since she did not want to get shot to death on his feat turn. If he just backs 5" and kill the Seraph and closest Shepherd, I will not be able to force the Carniveans or if he kills the Naga I have to Chasten away Arcane Shield. To do that I roll an eleven. Which can be hard at times. If the wall lives he got more options to use it's guns to clear the right zone the turn after. Killing the Bolt Thrower when I have already feated is poor targeting. The Naga and Seraph should be the priority.

Sloan is a problem and I don't know how to solve it in 2017. She is a grind monster and scoring the upwards 15 points you will need to win against her on scenario will be hard.

In his latest article Jarle uses this game as an example of why the Hammersmith is important. I just don't see it. He says that eventually something goes wrong. Well with a fifth hunter and smart play things don't have to go wrong. You get more shots. Killing more stuff before they become a problem. If I was not that low on time I could have placed my Bloodseer outside of it's threat and it runs around doing nothing. Speed 4 is a huge liability.

It's kinda disheartening. I have tested this list out a lot. Specifically against Sloan since I think she will be a problem and Jarle brings a Firefly to make my Hex Hunters totally useless. That changes the matchup a lot. I have started to test a version with two Neraphs instead. It feels weaker against normal Sloan lists but it's probably better against firefly builds. 

Loss, 1-1 in Invitational


I kill boxed my self and lost horribly.

Loss, 1-2 in Invitational, 5:th spot out of 8

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