19 apr. 2017

Swedish Master Game 3

Dodging is hard work

A lot of the usual suspects was knocked out at this point and it started to look like I actually might be able to do this. I had successfully dodged Cygnar the first two rounds and Wedding+Olov was out two of the Cygnar players I was scared of.  This was starting to look like my tournament.

Tor my next opponent did not only play Cygnar. He had the Sloan and Haley2 pair that I hate so much. I have tried to tech for it but so far I have not found a list that works. He did not play the normal lists. Instead he had small twists. Sloan had a Hammersmith on Jakes instead of the normal 5:th hunter I play. His Haley2 Heavy Metal also had a Hammersmith. Something I don't understand. I want to be fast not have a speed 4 model. I don't like his twists but yeah. It's what Jarle plays as well apparently. Looks like a bad change in my opinion.

If you are bringing Sloan to a tournament it's to scare Legion and Krueger2 players with the shooting skew. So making that list more generalized by involving anti jam in your list is not playing to your core concept. I don't like it. Haley2 is so good that you can just skew your second list to stomp specific matchups. If you are scared of jam I think Pats version where you trade 3 hunters for 2 defenders is better than this list. I played Lylyth2 for years without any anti jam tech and it worked just fine.

He dropped Sloan anyhow and I dropped Vayl2. Sad times ahead.

He wins the roll and decides to go first for some reason. You really want to go second in this matchup. 

I pick the side with a huge hill in my AD and everything gets on it. 

In his turn he runs up and the Vayl2 pain train is ready to start. She puts 2 chasten into the hunter behind the forest and cripple its cortex. Then the rest of my army runs up between Vayl2 and the people trying to kill Vayl2.

He feats, kills Seraph and Ravagore. This hurts but he has walked up Sloan so I can get the sorceress into her back arc. Time to go. I spend about 10 minutes planning out how I will do this.Sorc will walk up sprey, reposition inside of 8" of Sloan in her back arc. Carnivean will assault and Bayal will sprey. She is on 2 camp. She is so dead.

Then I walk up Vayl2 before I walk up my Sorc. So yeah. That plan was out, I shift gears, camp 4 and wait. My opponent is significantly lower than me on time. So time to stretch this out.

In his turn he rolls horribly and only precisely kills the Bolt Thrower. While Sloan is done with this game. Running 12" backwards.

So in my turn I have the scenario play. Carnivean gets boundless charge to kill a hunter and pod. He takes movement on charge swing and then trivially kills the hunter. Leaving him with enough fury to Spiny. Vayl2, Naga and Bloodseer kills the firefly in cover. Pot is in sacrificiall position to protect me from the assassination run. Forsaken and Shepherd are out of 17" from the stormwall. So he has to commit a large shot on them. Leaving him with 2 hunters and 2 big guns from wall to get the job done. On Vayl2 with one camp. Should not be enough but sometimes it is.

I probably should have feated this turn. To make sure the firefly dies and to camp 1 more.

In his turn he tries to kill the carnivean but he does not get enough shots into it. With spiny growth it should take 6 shots to kill it. Something his list does not have anymore. Only a pod contests my zone.

So in my turn I kill the pod, heal Carnivean 5 and run into the zone. While Naga and Bloodseer gets in the way of Stormwall contesting.

My opponent is really low on clock at this point so he makes a mistake and takes a free strike from Bayal. A shadow bind later he concedes.

Holding my feat makes sure that Sloan can never ever dominate the zone so even if I bleed points in the right zone it does not matter since I can dominate my way to the win. The Bloodseer was king. I'm in love with the little guy. You get so much utility for 8 points.

I really fudged this up when he walked up Sloan.  She should be totally dead but yeah. It's nice when you can make it work even after a huge fuck up. It really scared my opponent and he did not use Sloan anymore the rest of the game.

I think he also made a huge mistake when he never repaired the damaged hunter. It should just walk towards Arlan when I knock out the cortex first turn.

Legion Victory, 3-0 in Swedish Master

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