20 apr. 2017

Swedish Master Game 4

Raid Boss

If you are astute you have noticed that all my three last opponents were Norwegian and like in a video game when you beat 3 small bosses the final boss comes out. So it was time for Jarle. Once again Sloan+Haley2.

So another Vayl2 vs Sloan matchup. He wins the roll and picks to go second. Like he should. Then he somehow picks the wrong side of the table. Giving me two great Linears and a forest to stand behind.

So in my first turn I put a pow 13 bolt into the middle hunter. The hill means I have to boost to hit and then I can't afford the two chastens, I got last game.

In his turn the stormwall walks up and kills my sorc in cover and the hunters on the hill start damaging the Seraph. Arlan also heals all the damage I did first turn. I'm sad.

So the Seraph hides behind the forest, on the right flag, and I prepare to take it and the middle flag. I have made a small mistake though. When I measured that the carnivean would be able to charge what ever contested I did not thing about slipstreaming around the wall costing me a little. So the wall could contest outside of my threat which is not good.
I also do a cute move. Giving stealth to the Bloodseer which is the only thing the JWC hunter is in range to shoot. Occultation is not worth much against Sloan but you can protect yourself from Jakes/JWC:s and their jacks shooting.

In his turn he feats, kills the Hex Hunters. It was looking really well for me until the last Hunter since he missed a lot and rolled poor damage on the carnivean in cover with spiny growth. He also wasted a lot of shots into the hex hunters to avoid getting jammed. So my carnivean is looking healthy then the last hunter walked up and did 20 damage and killing it. Bringing him back into the game.


So in my turn I need to Chasten away Side Kick to let the NBT push Hammersmith out of contest range. Then a Chasten, a Ravagore shot and boundless charged Bloodseer needs to kill a hunter and I go up to 3-1. I sit and try to decide if I should feat or not. If I feat I could slipstream the ravagore into aim range and get another chasten+ deadly storm. Making sure to kill it. I decide to not. Which was once again wrong but yeah. I got greedy. So Vayl2 walks super far back. Then the Ravagore miss. The Bloodseer charge out of my control. Womp Womp.

When I look at this turn now I don't know why I used the naga to arc through. I could just have created a harrier and ran there. Netting me the Naga shot as well and then maybe I don't need my feat. Oh well. 

I had my shot and I failed it. I should probably feat walk up and camp a bit. 2-1

So he starts cleaning. Wall and Hunters shoot the ravagore of the table. He also forgets to contest with the pod so a hunter has to run over. 2-2

Vayl2 just heal and run into cover. I have lost the grind and I will not be able to get the scenario win at this point. The stormwall can just run to contest 2 flags and hammersmith on the last. I have lost my chance to kill it. So all I have left is a desperate line to Sloan next turn. 2-2

In his turn he creates Fort Sloan and goes up to 2-4.

Seraph apparition and runs down. Taking two free strikes that leaves it on 1 box. Vayl2 has to not roll a nine on the damage. Which she promptly does and there is no assassination run.The odds of me killing him is abysmal even if I didn't roll the nine. Since I had to waste a bolt on jakes and then roll two 15:s on damage.

So after two games against the same list I felt like my list could use some change. The ravagore is a liability in this matchup. Jakes and side kick on a jack also makes it a lot more possible for Sloan to hide than I'm used to. But if I feat and kill that hunter the game might end before the ravagore weakness matter.

As always. You will lose the grind to Sloan. Just try to win on scenario before you do. That will not be a possible plan in 2017. I don't know what to do against her then.

Defeat, 3-1 in Swedish Master

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