20 apr. 2017

Swedish mater game 5

Dream crusher

So next I get paired up and fight against Jocke Rapp, My captain in the WTC this year. He is playing Mercs at the moment or more correctly Bossrum and something. Today this something was a classic Damiano kingmakers list.

I feel okay dropping either of my lists against either of his. Either way his casters like to hand out a lot of focus. Which means they die a lot.

I decide on Abby2 since the forests make scathers really annoying for Damiano. That's why he picks Bossrum. A matchup I'm really okay with since he does not have enough shooting to threaten a spiny Abby camping 3 and she can just lead the charge. Letting the rest of my army out treating his. Forcing him to feat and try to jam me. Which is a horrible choice against Abby2. It takes mad dogs level of boxes and arm to actually jam Abby2. Which is thankfully gone from the game.

I win the roll I think. I go second anyhow. Which is what I want.

In his first turn he runs up. Puts FFE on the artillery and chillax a bit.

I run up and stand so I have 2" to the zone. Since I threaten 14" that means I should be able to charge everything that walks in I think.

I fail it though. Since he can contest on the right side since all my ravagores are on the left and the seraph can't one round a driller. So time to kill a caster.

Ossrum has run around and handed out all his focus doing stupid stuff like putting snipe on a gunner and energizing. He thinks he is safe behind his jackwall but he is not inside 1" of it and Ravagores got Arcing fire in Mk3.
Abby2 feats kills an blaster and all my ravagores can reach to walk and shoot him. Carnivean can assault to hit him and seraph can get around the jack wall to flare him.

Down goes the greedy little dwarf.

So I end 4-1 in the Swedish master and grab second spot since my SoS is bonkers. This grabs me a spot in the invitational on Sunday.

Victory, 4-1 in Swedish master

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